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  • Motion sells! attract attention to your rims and wheels
  • Your customers can see what their wheels will look like in motion
  • Built for continuous use to run night and day
  • Fast set up and easy to operate - works with most wheels
  • Automatic starting and stopping model for spinner rims
  • More effective than stationary displays costing thousands of dollars more
  • Double wheel spinners and rotating models available
  • We can customize and manufacture OEM spinners too

semco wheel display

Mouse over the picture to see the wheel spinning unit behind rim

Display your rims and wheels the way they were meant to be seen - spinning. Imagine a hundred stationary wheels in your store and one of them is spinning. Your eyes will normally gravitate to the moving wheel. Semco wheel spinners are an affordable way to draw attention to the wheels you want to sell. You can also help your customers easily visualize what their wheels will look like in motion.

You can easily mount rims and wheels, change speed and direction for a different look with our variable speed models. Wall mounts and floor stands allow you to easily place your displays in the most visible locations. Changing wheels or display locations takes only minutes.

Wheel displays
Spinning wheel display
Interchangealbe accessories. Access to controls while in motion - change look for each wheel. Easily change between floor and wall mount.

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