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Spinning Wheel Motor Assembly

Part Number
Price Each
wheel and rim display motor
Wheel Spinning display with variable speed motor. The standard model for rims and wheels weighing up to 50 lbs. Used for floor and wall mounted displays.
Semco M13 Rotator

Wheel spinning display with variable speed motor & timer. The timer starts and stops the motor at intervals you set to make the spinners spin when wheel stops.



Steel Hubs for Mounting Rims and Wheels

Hubs are interchanagable and include two or more bolt patterns. Simply move lugs to different holes for different bolt pattern.

Wheel display hubs
Part Number
Bolt Circle(s)
Cost Each
Picture not shown
*4 on 100 & 105
display hub plate
5 on 100 & 105
6 and 8 lug hub
6 and 8 bolt drilling

*Check rotator specifications to make sure smaller wheels will clear motor. Measure the inside or your rim at the narrowest point, allow at least 1/2" clearence. Extensions can be used to place the wheel further away from the motor so the motor frame will not hit the inside of the wheel rim.

Stands, Wall Mounting Brackets, Spot lights

Part Number
Cost Each
Wheel spinner stand
Welded steel floor stand for up to 30" wheels. Motor assembly slips over square tube. Portable, light, and no tools required for setting up or moving displays. $108.00
spinnin wheel wall mount
Welded steel wall mounting bracket with bolt on thru holes. 4" x 1/4" x 10" plate. Designed to bolt to flat walls or walls with 3" horizontal slots. Motor assembly slips over horizintal tube for quick installation.. $42.00
led light with gooseneck
36" flex tube spot light w/Changing color LED light. Lights bolt to top of wheel rotator frame and extend over wheels. $95.00
Picture not shown
36" flex tube spot light w/halogen bulb. $95.00
Picture not shown
36" flex tube spot light w/no bulb. $65.00
Picture not shown MSEXT Wall Extension Coupler. Extends length of shaft to pass through walls. $12.00

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