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Semco M Series wheel displays offer a unique way for you to display your rims and wheels. A range of accessories allow you to easily customize your displays for the best visual impact to your customers. Easily move your spinning wheel displays around your store for a new look. M Series displays include the following:

  • Turn wheels and rims over 14" diameter, up to 50 lbs
  • Variable speed controls accessible while display is in motion from 0 to 25 rpm
  • Easy mounting system, change from wall to floor mount in seconds
  • Steel display and machined steel hub plates
  • Wheels mount just like on a car with lugs and lug nuts
  • Custom machining available, call for details
spinning wheel display

Model M12: Price as shown $755.00

Heavy duty steel construction. The M12 includes a high torque variable speed motor with easy access controls. The interchangeable rotating wheel hubs are belt driven and allow the wheels and rims to slip if obstructed.

Accessories required: floor stand or wall mount, 4,5,6 or 8 lug hub plate with lugs and lug nuts. See accessories for more information


Spinner Rim display

Model M13: Price as shown $925.00

Designed for spinner rims. The M13 includes all the features of the M12 with the addition of a programmable timer to set running and stopping times. Just like on your cars, the spinners will stand out as they continue spinning when the wheel stops.

Accessories required include either floor stand or wall mounting bracket. Bolt-on hub plate with bolt pattern to fit your wheel. (see accessories page for information on bolt circles).


Coming soon... our new M14 Double Output display that will turn two wheels on a single display! Call for pricing - we are currently custom making these displays so we can produce them in small quantities, we will soon have a standard off the shelf 2-wheel display.


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